Excel by maximizing your strengths

Excel by maximizing your strengths

As and entrepreneur and an avid learner, I sometimes feel as if I am in an uphill climb and always in a “self-improvement” mode.

“We spend too much time focusing on our weaknesses and trying to make them stronger, rather than recognizing our strengths and trying to capitalize on them.”

So, while at a Greater Vancouver Board of Trade – Company of Young Professionals Leadership Cafe event, I had the opportunity to be a part of a discussion led by Mia Maki, Professor, Faculty of Business
University of Victoria, about idea creation in entrepreneurship and effectuation, the art of  putting ideas into actions.


Key lessons from the CYP Creativity cafe, “From ideas to action:

  • Start by utilizing the resources you have to seize the opportunities that come your way
  • What are youre Strengths = Talent + Knowledge + Skills
  • Excel by maximizing your strengths
  • The key to building a strength is to first identify your dominant talents, then refine them with knowledge and skills.
  • Gain more confident in your skills and knowledge by asking questions
  • Curiosity leads to creativity
  • Succeed through trial!
  • You need commitment (from partners and clients) when creating new products and businesses
  • Innovation comes from cross discipline experiences and discussions
  • Be honest, what kind of entrepreneur are you? A mountain climber? A freedom fighter? A product advocate? Each take practice.




by Karina Eva

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