Western Canada’s largest international art fair: Art! Vancouver

As published in Helo Vancity on May 28th, 2016.

Featuring reputable galleries and artists from across Canada and around the world, Art! Vancouver 2016 is been held under the Sails, at the Vancouver Convention Centre East – a real stunning and inspirational setting.

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to attend the Art! Vancouver opening night gala which was extremely inspiring and refreshing.
Artists, galleries, dealers, collectors, connoisseurs, appraisers and art-lovers from around the world were in attendance.

The experience began right before arriving to the venue. From multifaceted self taught to academically trained artists, I met and had conversations with many of the exhibitors, I saw passion and dedication as well as creativity and hard work.
Many of the artists shared their personal heartfelt stories and inspiration as well as their creative process with me.

Using multiple mediums, techniques and materials and influenced by family’s heritage and nature as well as life experiences, most of the artists really impressed the crowd. You had to be there to experience the color, movement and diversity of paintings on canvas and wood, conceptual and three dimensional art, sculptures and fine art photography, definitively high level talent and creativity was on display.
All-inclusive, it was a very enjoyable evening and more than a few of the guests took pleasure in having themselves photographed with many of the creative minds [and their creations] around the floor.

Classic and contemporary art plus engaging and interactive art pieces from almost every period in time are on display and looking for a new home.

Stefan Rogenmoser – Art! Vancouver – “Justice”. Justice is portrayed as a prostitute because if a person can buy justice with money, power and corruption, then she must be a prostitute.
Stefan Rogenmoser – Art! Vancouver – “Born Naked “. This life size sculpture is for all of the people who have a problem accepting nude sculptures or nudity in general. It is to remind people that we were all born naked and there is
nothing to be ashamed of!
Tatian Rivero Sanz – Art! Vancouver – “Tana”
Ari de La Mora. Ari’s paintings are noticed for the focus on the female figure and the influence of the Mexican custom and folklore, rich color, mysticism, masks and skulls. – Art! Vancouver 2016
Kirsten Nash – Canadian multi-instrumentalist and vocalist – “Peony Ride” – Art! Vancouver
Jude Ifesie – “The light and the end of the tunnel” – Art! Vancouver
Burgoyne fine art – View from The Who, A.k.a. The Harry Potter piece – Art! Vancouver
Marianne Enhorning – Art! Vancouver

Irina Gretchchanala - Art! Vancouver

Irina Gretchchanala – Where Angels Sleep, Fading Beauty and Inner Light are some of the works of this accomplished painter – Art! Vancouver

Hp Howarth photography - Art! Vancouver

Hp Howarth photography – Fiona’s work seeks to address social and environmental issues on a local as well as international level and through her work affect change. Art! Vancouver

Heather Deal - Art! Vancouver

Heather Deal – Deputy Mayor of the City of Vancouver- “Creativity is what’s driving our economy, thank you for investing in it”- .Art! Vancouver

Dave and Katherine Stone - Art! Vancouver

Dave and Katherine Stone – Art! Vancouver

Aisin Gioro - Art! Vancouver Aisin Gioro – Art! Vancouver

DeSerrus - Art! Vancouver

DeSerrus – Art! Vancouver 2016 presenting sponsor.

 Bruno Galuzzi - Art! Vancouver

Bruno Galuzzi, Fine artist illustrator painter working with traditional media, specially oil paint, to create realistic and imaginative art. – Art! Vancouver

Lisa Wolfin - Art! Vancouver founder welcoming attendees


Marc Deserres – Art! Vancouver 2016 – DeSerres is a third-generation family-owned business that was founded in 1908.


Art! Vancouver is definitively an exhibition you can’t miss! Canada, France, Australia, Nigeria, Brazil, China, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, Spain, Mexico and many more countries were represented at this world-class art event.

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