The universal quest for fulfillment

While learning to fully enjoy everything around me, I realised that by stimulating our senses and embracing our surroundings, we can experience a feeling of fulfilment more often.

So, we often hear the phrase “happiness comes from within”, however, we easily forget this as we convince ourselves that we must have the latest phone or new brand name clothes, how about a new set of speakers for our fancy new car?

When our inspiration comes from inside us, we are able to be bold and have no need for circumstances to be perfect, for people to support us or for material things to make our life better. This doesn’t mean that we need to disregard all our ambitions or goals. It means we need to focus on what truly matters.

Here are a few questions that help me, and hopefully will help you focus on what truly matters:

What does my life look like one, five, ten years from now? What is my purpose?  What excites me?  What can I let slide?
Making time to answer these questions was a fun, rewarding and fulfilling exercise. Once you have the answers, make a point to schedule activities that align with your answers and if it is in the very important category, treat it as an emergency.

We all know there are different things that inspire us, I believe that identifying those passions and activities that excite us and that we wish we had more time to explore, it’s not only important but vital to our spiritual, emotional and physical health.

So, today while working on “world domination” using natural stone, we decided to stop and take a deep breath, we turned on our diffuser [adding purification oil] then we spent some time together as a family, my daughter played our favourite piano tunes and lastly, we captured the moment.

The universal quest for fulfillment - Happiness and Bliss


How does your quest for fulfilment look like? Share with me!

by Karina Eva

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