How to Protect Your Family From Grime – Naturally!

Does having the best for you and your family mean being surrounded by all things healthy, natural, and non-toxic?
I would say that protecting our homes and families from grime with natural alternatives is the way to go!

As a mom of young children, I am constantly looking for ways to support my kids well being, I chose to do it as naturally as possible. Here’s what I have done:

It’s been eleven years since instead of wrapping my family in a bubble, I have found various ways of supporting my family’s health by choosing healthier, natural, and non-toxic products with spiritual and emotional uplifting properties, natural nutritional supplements, personal care [cosmetics, hair and oral care and body care] and  cleaning products.

I started by making my own baby wipes, getting rid of all my cleaning products [there is more space and less clatter in our kitchen and bathroom covers] and decided to use a naturally-derived and with plant-based ingredients, oral care and multipurpose cleaning products. During my last pregnancy, I chose to nourish my body and mind with nutritional supplements and essential oils and because of a severe case of nausea, I chose a meal replacement rich in minerals, antioxidants, protein, enzymes, and amino acids.



It’s a dirty world out there!



It’s been almost 11 years since I decided to diffuse, rub, drink and clean using non toxic good for the family and good for our planet nutritional supplements, laundry detergent, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, dish soap, hand soap, body lotion,   because they are a natural alternative to all the chemicals that most people have in their [kitchen and bathroom] cabinets.  If you share my desire of creating a healthier safer home for our families and you’d like to learn more about natural alternatives to the large array of chemically produced household products, I’m happy to chat with you, let’s connect!.

How do Protect Your Family From Grime?

by Karina Eva

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